WEST HOLLYWOOD, SEPT. 19, 2016 -- The City of West Hollywood endorsed Measure M, the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, last night.

"West Hollywood wins if Measure M wins. Our region's daily struggle with traffic stresses us economically and environmentally. Measure M immediately paves the way for West Hollywood's own local transportation projects and plugs us in to Metro's growing transit system to help the WeHo community get where they want to go countywide faster and more conveniently," said West Hollywood Councilmember Lindsey Horvath.

"Measure M immediately invests in local pothole filing and repaving projects in each of L.A. County's 88 cities, and would give us all access to a countywide, interconnected transportation system," said L.A. Mayor and Metro Vice Chair Eric Garcetti. "West Hollywood is an employment center, and entertainment center and a neighborhood where people live and want to get around. It's important for them and everyone in our county that we vote yes on Measure M to ease our congestion before it's too late."

Voting YES on Measure M, the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, will ease congestion and reduce the time we're stuck in traffic by 15 percent. And in doing so, it will create 465,000 new jobs in our region. Measure M will ease traffic immediately by repairing potholes and repaving local streets and roads in each of L.A. County’s 88 cities and incorporated areas, will keep senior, disabled, and student fares affordable, and will provide earthquake retrofitting for overpasses and bridges.

Measure M will modernize L.A. County's aging transportation system and build a twenty-first century transportation network that expands light rail, Rapid Bus, Metrolink, freeways, and highways. Measure M adds and accelerates transit lines and finally ties them together into a comprehensive system that will work with an improved freeway and local road network.

Measure M has is backed by a broad-ranging, bi-partisan coalition including the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles County Business Federation, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, and the AARP-CA.

L.A. County residents are already stuck in traffic for 80 hours a year, and with the County's population expected to grow by 2.3 million in the coming years, it is critical that Measure M passes now.