The Requirements to Get Free Whopper from Burger King

By | September 24, 2017

No one can refuse the delicious taste of the burger. Some people consider this food as a junk food. They think that burger is unhealthy and full of calories. But, burger still becomes the favorite food in several fast-food outlets. No doubt, many burger fast-food outlets can grow well. One of them is Burger King. As like its name, the most popular menu in this restaurant is the burger. A large number of people visit Burger King outlet since they want to enjoy the tasty burger. But, do you know how to get free Whopper Burger from this store? This offer may seem interesting for you since you can get a Whopper for free. If you want to know more about this offer, you should keep reading our explanation below.

Burger King will give a Whopper as a reward for the participants of the survey. In order to measure the buyers’ satisfaction, Burger King has a survey program named MyBKExperience. Through this online customer survey, Burger King try to gather the information about how satisfied every customer that visit their outlet. Assessing the customers’ feedback is crucial to do by every business owner. By conducting a guest satisfaction survey, they will be able to evaluate the progress of its business. Besides, they also can fix any area which makes the customers unsatisfied.


Indeed, Burger King has to compete with other burger outlets such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s. In order to win this competition, Burger King has to concern with the customers’ expectations. If they ignore what the customers expect, they can lose the loyal guests. No doubt, Burger King survey plays the crucial role to maintain the business sustainability. By reviewing the result of Burger King survey, this company can find out the problem faced by the customers. So, in the future, this burger outlet can improve the service.

Whenever you go to Burger King, you will face the different dining experience. Perhaps, you have a good story when you dine in Burger King. For instance, the staff served you well, and you enjoyed your meal. But, sometimes you may get some problem. For instance, the Burger King staff gives you the wrong order. No matter the experience you face, Burger King will be happy to hear your feedback. So, when you have the spare time, you should take this survey. This way, you can tell Burger King about your experience. In the future, this outlet will be able to provide you the better service.

Some people may think that participating in the guest feedback survey is useless. They believe that the company will ignore their feedback. But, this perspective is completely wrong. Burger King will consider the guest feedback as the base to take the business decision. Furthermore, taking this survey gives you several profits. First, you can share your opinion about Burger King’s menu and service. Second, taking this survey enables you to enjoy Burger King Whopper as the reward.

The Rules of Burger King Survey

I’m sure that you are willing to take this survey since you can get a free burger. But, to participate in Burger King Customer Survey, you should prepare some requirements. First, you should have a recent receipt from Burger King. This receipt contains some information you need to start Burger King Guest Satisfaction Survey. Remember, you can access Burger King Experience survey when you can provide the store number. Besides, you need to supply the valid Burger King survey code. If you do not have the receipt, automatically, you will not be able to provide these details.

Furthermore, the use of a PC which is well-connected with the reliable internet is also necessary. MyBKExperience is an online survey. So, without the stable internet connection, you may face some troubles when you load the survey page. If your internet works properly, you can complete this survey in less than five minutes. Moreover, prepare a pen before you start the survey. At the end of Burger King survey, you have to write the validation code on the receipt.

Now, you have noticed what items needed to enter MyBKExperience. Then, you need to understand the survey rules. This way, you can know what to do in order to complete the survey. Besides, you can also know the eligibility to enter Burger King survey. Listed below are the lists of Burger King survey. Make sure that you review it completely so that you can obey these rules.

  • The eligibility.

This survey is open for all customers of Burger King. This burger store does not limit the age of the participants. But, the parents have to accompany the survey takers that are under thirteen years old. Then, the participants of Burger King survey must be the legal residents of the USA. But, if you work at Burger King store, you cannot take part in My BK Experience. Also, the family of Burger King store crews is not eligible to involve in this survey.

  • The survey period.

Burger King has several survey periods in a year. When one survey period ends, Burger King will not give the invitation on their receipt. So, there will not be the survey code on Burger King receipt. As a result, you cannot enter Burger King survey portal. If you want to participate in the survey, you have to wait for the next survey period.

  • The survey rules.

The first rule is one survey code is only for one entry. It means you cannot enter Burger King survey twice with the same survey code. Then, every person only can take part in Burger King survey once a month. In order to start this survey, you have to load Then, you can do the instructions provided in this survey portal.

  • Survey reward.

Once you receive the validation code, you have to redeem it within 30 days. You will not be able to claim the Burger King reward after 30 days. In fact, the survey reward can be different in every period. Usually, Burger King offers free Whopper or chicken sandwich as the reward. But, to get this reward, you may have to purchase some menu items.

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