How to Pay Traffic Ticket Online?

By | October 2, 2017

Queuing at a bank or at a court to pay traffic ticket is such an annoying thing. You have to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the payment process. But, if you do not pay this fine, you will get the bad driving record. If your driving track record is terrible, you may lose your authority to have a driving license. It can be a big problem for you. It is because you cannot drive freely. Therefore, as a responsible citizen, you have to pay your traffic ticket punctually. By paying the ticket, you admit that you made a mistake in the traffic violation.

Fortunately, going to the court is not the only way to pay the ticket. You have another option to pay the traffic ticket. Why don’t you try to pay it online? With the growth of the banking technology, it is possible to pay everything online. Especially if you are living in the New Jersey, USA. The court has provided an online platform to accomplish the ticket payment. Online payment is not only simple to do but also time-saving. The process does not take much of time. As long as you have prepared the requirements, you will be able to complete this online payment process within less than five minutes.


To start this payment, you have to access NJMCDirect Pay portal. This platform is available to solve any traffic violation issues. But, you only can use this site to pay the certain traffic ticket. There are some criteria that your ticket should meet. For instance, your ticket should be the payable violation. So, you cannot pay all types of traffic violations through this online site. Besides, the ticket must not be expired. Hence, you have to check the Time Payment Order on the ticket you received. Then, your traffic ticket should not have the warrant issues. When you can meet three criteria above, you can pay the ticket online. If you cannot pass these criteria, you have to go to the local court to solve your case.

Once you receive any violation traffic ticket, you must pay the fine soon. Postponing the payment will affect your integrity as the driver. The court may warn you. Then, it can add the bad notes on your driving record. If you want to clean up your bad driving record, you should make a payment as soon as possible. Have you known about the steps to pay the traffic violation charge online? Keep reading this page. We will assist you to pay the traffic charge online at NJMCDirect.

  • Prepare the payment requirements.

The first thing you have to do is preparing some items to support the payment process. The most vital item you have to prepare is your Traffic Ticket. NJMC Direct requires some information printed on this ticket. As the example, you will need the Court ID, License Plate number, and Ticket Prefix. The next, make sure that your debit card or credit card is ready to use.

  • Access the official website of NJMC Direct.

After preparing the items above, you can go to You should not be panic if the website redirects you to different site. It is because you will land on This website has the payment schedule. Just look at the left side of this screen to find out the schedule you can make a payment. You will notice that you cannot pay the ticket charge anytime. You have to check this schedule to find out the time when this site is available to process the payment online. Furthermore, this website also has the Search feature to look for the info about Time Payment Order and other traffic ticket details.

  • Provide the Court ID.

The first item you should enter to this online payment form is the Court ID. You can find this Court ID number in your traffic violation ticket. Usually, the Court ID has four digits. This number represents the local court which issues your traffic ticket.

  • Write down the ticket number.

The next detail you have to input is the ticket prefix. This code is available on the top part of your traffic ticket. Usually, the ticket prefix consists of three digits in length. After that, you should enter the ticket number. If you do not know where to find this code, you can see the sample of traffic ticket provided by NJMCDirect website.

  • Provide License Plate Number.

You also can find out the License Plate Number on your traffic violation ticket. But, if this number is not available, you should ask for this information from the Municipal Court. The officer that issued your ticket will inform you about the details of your ticket.

  • Press Continue button.

After you complete the form with your ticket details, you can select Continue button. After that, you can view your online ticket. Then, you can continue paying your ticket. If you are not ready to pay it, you can view this ticket without processing the payment.

  • Pay your ticket.

NJMC Direct Pay Portal will show you the amount of charge you have to pay. This charge will include the convenience fee. So, you have to pay extra charge $1 up to $4 for the fee. Then, by using MasterCard or Visa debit card, you can pay this fine. Furthermore, NJMC Direct also accepts the payment by using a credit card. Just select which payment method which you think the most convenient.

After you complete the payment process, you can view your payment details. NJMC Direct will display the info about your payment within 90 days. But, if you cannot search the details of ticket payment, you must contact the local court soon. Then, the court staff will help you to search the information about your ticket in their computerized data. The court employees will serve you with the full of integrity. It is because the slogan of this court is integrity, independent, quality service and fairness. No doubt, they will try their best to provide the best service for every user of NJMCDirect pay portal.

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