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By | September 21, 2017

Who doesn’t love pizza? Yes, this Italian food becomes an addict for all people from various ages. Kids love pizza, youngsters love pizza, even grandpa loves too. Well, if we are one of the pizza lovers, we must know California Pizza Kitchen. It is a restaurant that serves the best pizza with various yummy tastes. Today, this restaurant offers us to buy an item and win $500 fresh money. Wow! Through CPKSurvey, or California Pizza Kitchen Survey, we will get a chance to win this prize. We can imagine how amazing it is when we are having a lunch at this restaurant with family, and we win $500 cash. Oh my God!

About California Pizza Kitchen Restaurant

As we can see, California Pizza Kitchen is such a restaurant that sells lovely pizza. This restaurant is famous with its abbreviation that is CPK. The restaurant style is casual for customers to dine in. one of the best menus in this pizza kitchen is the innovative menus. Yes, the restaurant has some modern pizzas that all people will love. They are like Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, or maybe BLT, as well as Thai Chicken. In addition, we can try the yummy Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizzas that will boost our mood. Whatever our choices, those pizzas will satisfy us and we will go home with the biggest smile.

California Pizza Kitchen

This restaurant started to run its business since 1985 in Beverly Hills. Yes, that is the reason why California becomes the name of the restaurant. Today, CPK has over 250 franchises outlets that we can find in over 30 states all over the U.S. Besides, we can find the California Pizza Kitchen franchise spread in 11 countries.

About CPKSurvey Customer Satisfaction Survey

California Pizza Kitchen has expanded its business towards the world and now it is the time for restaurant team to give rewards for loyal customers. CPKSurvey is such an online survey that will allow us to win $500 cash. All that we need to do is to complete the CPKSurvey customer survey. It will take five to fifteen minutes to complete the online survey. In this case, we have to tell California Pizza Kitchen on what we dislike about the restaurant as well as what makes us love it. Of course, our thoughts are important for the sake of improvement.

But, we need to know that not all customers are able to take part. It is because the restaurant set the rule that the participants must be legal residents of the US. Besides, we need to make sure that we are 18 years old, or can be older. If we ask the reason, now can we imagine how kids talk about food?  They love everything but dislike vegetables.  It will be irrelevant for the California Pizza Kitchen team to consider their reasons. Besides, they will get shock once they win the cash, and they will spend it buying toys. That is why we need to be mature enough to take CPKSurvey as adults must think using logic.

How to Take California Pizza Kitchen Guest Satisfaction Survey?

It seems like we love money. So, we can take the California Pizza Kitchen survey now. But still, we need to prepare everything that we need for the survey. We can access CPKSurvey by visiting After knowing what to prepare, we can continue by following each step of the CPKSurvey Experience Survey Guide. Alright, here are the things we need to do!

What to Prepare for CPKSurvey?

  • The very first thing, we have to get a laptop, or maybe a computer, or can be a smartphone
  • Second, it is a must to have fast internet access because this survey is online and we have to access com
  • Third, we have to own a California Pizza Kitchen receipt, complete with the CPKSurvey survey invitation code on it
  • Fourth, a capability of understanding basic English as the survey will use this language
  • We need to be eligible by being a legal resident of the US and mature enough that we are 18 years old, or older

Step by Step for CPKSurvey Guest Satisfaction Survey

After understanding the rules complete with the stuffs we need, here are the steps that we need to follow. They are such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we can open the best internet browser in our gadget. Here, we need to make sure that it is fast such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, or maybe Safari. It is best to avoid using Explorer as it takes longer time. Once we are ready with the browser, we can go to the CPKSurvey official address at

  • Step #2:

The second step, we will have to input some details such as the CPKSurvey invitation code. The code here contains 15-digit that we can find on the receipt. After that, we can click start.

  • Step #3:

Third step, it is the time for us to answer all questions in the CPKSurvey page. Of course, we need to be honest in answering those questions. Mostly, the questions are about the foods products, the service, as well as the hospitality. We can give best rates if we think those three aspects are satisfying. But if we find it disappointing, we can give lowest rates. It will not influence whether we win the cash or not, so we do not need to worry.

  • Step #4:

After answering the questions, we can finish it if we do not want the money. But if we want to take part for the $500 cash, we have to enter CPKSurvey sweepstakes. In this case, we need to read the rules shown by the CPKSurvey Sweepstakes page.

  • Step #5:

We can click agree for the offers of notification when California Pizza Kitchen has promotion or other offers, we will get emails.

  • Step #6:

Then, we can click the choice to sign up for the reward program of CPK Pizza Dough. If we see the button entitled next, we have to click it.

  • Step #7:

Once we see the CPKSurvey thank you page, we can continue by inputting our personal information. It can be about our full name, our phone number, and so on. This information will be useful for the restaurant. They will contact us through this information if we are the lucky winner of $500 cash. If we have done inputting the personal information, we can click the button entitled next.

  • Step #8:

For the next, we have to input our active email address that will be the place for the restaurant to send us emails about news, and promotions.

  • Step #9:

Now, we have completed the CPKSurvey. We can click next and all we have to do is to wait for a call from California Pizza Kitchen team to notify us whether we are CPKSurvey sweepstakes winners.

Overall, those are the information about CPKSurvey California Pizza Kitchen Survey. If we want to read more details, we can visit for CPKSurvey Sweepstakes Rules. If we want to read the CPKSurvey privacy and policy, we can visit We can contact the California Pizza Kitchen phone numbers by visiting and go to the contact us page. Take the survey now, enjoy the tellpizzahut, and win the $500 fresh money!

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